The Story of SVS TTX a e85 Viper

  • The E85 Viper project sets out to prove that we don't have to give up high performance cars in order to save the environment. In fact, we discovered during this project renewable fuel performs much better than today's gasoline. My name is Karl Jacob and I knew I loved cars at the tender age of 5. My early memories of my father were watching him crammed underneath one of his cars and asking me for a half inch wrench. My first car was a 69 Mustang we bought for $750 and turned into a race car. This is the story of what happens when a kid who loves cars and the environment, grows up then builds an e85 powered Viper.

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Nice car, but what kind of world record is it?
As far as I know the McLaren F1, the Koenigsegg and the Veyron have been recorded at speeds above 240mph.


If you consider the complete fuel cycle, E85 is roughly on par with gasoline, in its impact on the environment. Additionally, a car like this one will use massively more fuel ( a higher BSFC ) than if it were on gasoline. No friend of the environment at all. And using feedstock to fuel our vehicles has now been shown by economists to be increasing prices at the supermarket. Oops........

Karl Jacob

Those other records are top speed records meaning the car has as long as it needs to get to top speed. This record is top speed in a mile meaning from a stop to one mile how fast can the car go. This is a *much* better proxy for performance since you have to both get to a high speed and do it in a limited distance.

Karl Jacob

I am not sure where you are getting your data but it is incorrect. If you consider the modern complete fuel cycle E85 is much better than gasoline on its impact to the environment. It does not use "massively" more fuel than if it were on gasoline because it is higher octane. In fact the Indy cars that run on ethanol get better gas mileage than their gasoline counterparts. Many factors figure into prices at the supermarket and using cellulosic ethanol would be a neglible impact.


I read about this in the local paper (Iosco County News-Herald) and then found out more on the web. I live in Ann Arbor now but grew up in East Tawas not too far from Wurtsmith AFB and when I was a kid (during the 60s) remember watching the B-52s as they left or arrived at the base. Anyway, congratulations and it was good to see that you were able to accomplish this in Oscoda.

Tom Mack

Please check out information on AHL-TECH's ethanol-electric hybrid locomotive project. I believe some of your project's technology development could complement our project and vice-versa. I would like to make sure Karl Jacob is aware of our project and would really like to talk with Karl or someone on the Viper design team regarding the Viper engine development, fuel consumption, etc. Please note some of the well-known consortium partners we are working with - they are listed on our web page.

Tom Mack

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