The Story of SVS TTX a e85 Viper

  • The E85 Viper project sets out to prove that we don't have to give up high performance cars in order to save the environment. In fact, we discovered during this project renewable fuel performs much better than today's gasoline. My name is Karl Jacob and I knew I loved cars at the tender age of 5. My early memories of my father were watching him crammed underneath one of his cars and asking me for a half inch wrench. My first car was a 69 Mustang we bought for $750 and turned into a race car. This is the story of what happens when a kid who loves cars and the environment, grows up then builds an e85 powered Viper.

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Congrats, Karl. Your Viper is hands-down the nicest, cleanest, classiest, and sexiest Viper the world has ever known, and no doubt my favorite. The balance and selection of parts used show great taste and intelligent planning. Its an absolutely awesome car that everyone is going to love to see.

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